Goals Goals Goals


When I was 17, I started boxing.  When I was 18, I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, I was told boxing wouldn’t be a good idea.  When I asked why,  there was no supporting medical reasoning. When I was 24, I was told I was legally blind, at 24 I competed for my chance to be part of the very first Women’s Olympic Boxing team for Puerto Rico which is where I was born.   I fought against the Pan American Gold Medalist and fought a hell of a fight.  I came in 2nd place.  When I was 16 I dropped out of high school.  Statistics say that high school drop outs are responsible for 75% of all crime in the U.S. My record is clean.   Statistics also say that a high school drop outs make $200k less in their lifetime,  I am a working professional and have held positions that generally require a bachelor’s degree .  I completed my GED at 29 years old,  I will be attending college for the first time at the age of 30.

My visual impairment makes me different, it doesn’t stop me.  It makes me push harder.   What I lost in physical vision I gained in how I viewed my goals, my dreams, my drive, aspirations,  wants,  desires.  Don’t ever stop dreaming,  no dream is too big or small.  Don’t feel bad for yourself because no one but YOU can get you out of that hole.  Keep fighting, don’t EVER take no for an answer, it’ll  be worth it.


One thought on “Goals Goals Goals

  1. What a great story and it’s pretty amazing how you are writing your own narrative, no matter what the statistics say. Best wishes on your college career.

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