Going Through the Stages of Grief


Some times I consider myself a writer but really it’s just my way of taking my feelings and expressing them into words that make sense. What better way than to turn pain into poetry?  I have a hard time these days really saying what I feel.  I guess I’m grieving about a loss.  The loss of support, the loss of family and the loss of the memories I thought I would make.   I recently got engaged to an amazing woman.  Great news right!? Well,  not to my immediate family.  My extremely religious mother,  father,  brother,  etc., etc., have made it very clear about their beliefs and I have to accept that.  Seems simple enough till you realize it feels like a tremendous loss. I’ve turned to writing because I feel my physical voice won’t be heard. I wrote this poem because it serves as a reminder to myself that I knew this would happen, I watched it happen and the pain will never go away but when I look back I can see how far I’ve come.

All in all,  I am who I am and I cannot be anyone else. Plus,  I think I’m pretty awesome.  What I’m learning is that acceptance comes in many forms,  and sometimes not at all.   I cannot stop myself from being myself because others don’t accept me.

#beyourself #itgetsbetter